10 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Doing What Cats Do Best


The felines never cared much about what people think and they won’t ever will. Cats have their priorities very clear and they only focus on achieving them. There is nothing that humans can do to change them. Once a cat decides to do something, you just can’t stop it. The felines make their own rules and they don’t care about the rules that humans make for them. If you have to live with a cat, you have to follow the cat’s rules or you may leave the house. This is the only way it is going to work.

Here are some hilarious photos of cats doing what cats do best. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know why cats don’t care much about hooman rules!


This cat wanted to escape, but he fell in sleep in the middle. Instead of taking the cat back inside, his hooman let him sleep here for some time.


The cat will stay near, but also keep its distance when water is involved.


The cats can do as they like. You are not supposed to tell them what they are supposed to do. If they want to scoot into one bed, let them do that.


When there is only space for one cat and the other one doesn’t know what to do.


If your cat likes it upside down, then that is how it is going to be. Cats always manage to do as they like. You can’t stop them.

You can never understand a cat’s logic, but you can certainly laugh at everything that they do.


Sometimes outside is better than inside. Cats enjoy sunlight. It’s at the top of their list.


This is why cats keep hoomans. The felines are super adventurous and they keep on doing silly things all the time. They know that they need hoomans to take them out of such weird situations.


First, the cat will destroy the Christmas tree and then it will pretend to feel bad about it. There is no other way. Don’t be fooled by the cat.


Taking care of their hooman’s shoes is what cats like to do whole day long.


Fitting inside boxes is what cats do best. They know that there is nothing better than boxes, not even the expensive beds that their hoomans get for them.

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