10 Hilarious Issues That Only Cat Owners Will Understand


There are several things that you get to know when you start living with a cat. The felines are nothing like the other pets. As a cat owner, you will face several issues with your cat, but they will be totally hilarious. If you are planning to get a cat, here are some things that you should know!

Here are some hilarious issues that only cat owners will understand! Have a look at these pictures and you will get to know all about it!


Cat hoomans know that their cat is up to no good when he does this. Some mischief is definitely under process.


Before you get a cat, keep all your plants outside. Cats don’t like plants for some reason and gets utmost pleasure in destroying them.


Cats want you to leave home, but not for so long. “I thought you left me forever. Where were you? I hope you were not messing around with another cat!”


Only cats are capable of being annoying and adorable at the same time. They surely possess some magical powers.


Your cat will like the empty box more than the gift that you got for him. Also, you can’t do anything about this.

Cats love empty boxes more than anything. If you want to impress a cat, just get an empty box for him. You won’t have to do anything else after that.


Cats hate it when another cat gets their hooman’s attention and this is what they may do. “Close your eyes, hooman. This is not something that you should be watching.”


You need to get your food approved by your cat before you eat it. It is mandatory and you have no choice.


Do not disturb your cat when it is onto some important assignment.


Too much of anything is bad. Your cat knows it and you should know it too.


Once a cat sits on your chair, it won’t move. You have to learn to adjust with it.

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