10 Hilarious Instances Of Cat Logics That Humans Will Never Get


Cats are called weird and mean all the time. But do cats even care about what they are called? The felines have always followed their hearts and did as they like. You can try your best to make your cat do something, but it will all go in vain. Cats loves to put a smile on everyone’s face, even if it means doing weird stuff all the time. Their hearts are full of love and care. You can go on calling cats selfish, but they still won’t stop doing what they do.

Here are some hilarious instances of cat logics that humans will never get. Have a look at these examples of cat logic and you will get to know that it is impossible to understand what cats do!


Cat hoomans can never understand why cats do what they do. If a cat wants to melt, it will melt. Nobody asks the cat why it does something.


You can get as many beds for the cat as you want, but it won’t sit on them till the time he wants to. The felines are born to follow their heart. Walking on the path created by others is not their thing.


This is what your cat does in the middle of the night behind your back. So if you ever find your tap running, know who the culprit is.


When your cat gets you a sponge for a gift, get ready for all the cleaning.


Cats don’t think about what will be more convenient for them. If a cat wants to drink from a glass, it will drink from a glass. Nobody has the right to question the cat.


Understanding cat logic is not easy, in fact it’s impossible. You can spend your entire life with cats and you still won’t be able to understand them.


When your cat can’t decide where it wants to sleep, this is how he will sleep.


Only if somebody could tell the cats how they are exactly supposed to sleep. But do they even care?


When you tell the cat that you have got a new bed for him and this is how he reacts.


Fitting inside an empty box is very important for cats. They can do anything to achieve this.

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