10 Hilarious Cats That Prove They Can Be Idiots Sometimes


The felines are good at everything they do. But sometimes they end up doing silly things that make them look completely stupid. You might have realized this if you live with cats. There is something about cats that make them look wise and smart. But it is not always like this. The felines are pawsome, but they are not purrfect. The furry ones always try their best to do everything purrfectly, but they too make mistakes. Most of the times cats do all the silly things just to make their hoomans smile. So if you are wondering why cats do silly and weird things, here’s your answer.

Here are some hilarious cats that prove they can be idiots sometimes. Have a look at these cats and you will understand exactly why!


When you have two cats and you can’t help but compare. Does this happen with you too?

One of my cats is mature and aloof. One is an idiot. Try and guess which one is which.


This cat is a living proof that cats can fall asleep anywhere they like. The felines follow no rules when it comes to falling asleep.


If a cat wants to fit in somewhere, it will. Cats don’t ask for permission before they do something. They just go ahead and do as they like.


The felines are crazy and stupid, but they always make sure that everyone around them has a smile on.


When your cat loves adventures and surprising you every now and then, this is where you will find your cat.

Cats are pawsome and they just do as they like. If you are a cat hooman, you should know that there is no way in which you can control cats. There is something about cats that give them the power to rule over everyone.


Cats don’t like to drink water from their water bowl. They like to find innovative ways to do everything, even if it gets them in trouble.


Your cat is always watching you. It is impossible to get away from them.


When you are lazy, but your cat loves to exercise.


Cats get bored and need something to stay entertained too. The cat hoomans should make such little efforts to make their cat happy.


Cats are not scared of anything. They have a knack for adventures.

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