10 Hilarious Cat Tweets To Make Your Day Brighter


The felines are born to bring happiness in everyone’s life. Cats do a lot of weird things so that they can bring a smile on everyone’s face. Not many people understand this because they think that cats are mean and it’s impossible to understand them. Well, it may be difficult to understand cats, but they are certainly not mean. The cats only want their hoomans to be happy and they don’t care about public opinion. Once you spend time with cats, it would be impossible to live without them.

Here are hilarious cat tweets to make your day brighter. Have a look at these cats and you will know how cats can bring happiness in anyone’s life!


This is for people who think that they own cats. You can never own a cat, it’s the cat who will own you.


When your cat lets you be near him, instead of biting you. The cat must be in a really pawsome mood to let this happen. Good weather can change everything for cats as well.


When you take your cat out for the first time and this is how it marvels at the nature. The cat doesn’t know that it is more beautiful than nature.


When you find your cat sleeping peacefully instead of running around the house, it is the most special thing ever.


Sometimes cat hoomans wish if they were a cat too. Once you start living with a cat, everything changes. The way cats look at everything is way different from humans.

Cats are adorable beings and they just go on doing what they like. You just can’t stop yourself from adoring cats. They are born with the charm to win everyone’s heart.


When your cat acts like a good boy, you should know that there is something wrong. Cats only do this when they want to divert their hooman’s attention.


Cats never fail to surprise us. They are always unpredictable.


Cats find it stupid that hoomans celebrate birthdays. “Congratulations for being born! Who does that?”


Cats are pawsome and there is no doubt about it.


This cat really needs some help.

Don’t forget to share this pawsome cat story with your family and friends! The felines are capable of bringing a smile on everyone’s face and you should help them achieve what they want. It is only an act of kindness.

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