10 Hilarious Cat Tweets To Make You Smile After A Long Week


Cats always bring a smile on everyone’s face. They carry this magical powder with them that they use to make all laugh. We are just joking. This is not true at all. Cats are born this way. They have natural talent to make everyone laugh. But if don’t have a cat, then you need not worry because we have everything ready for you.

Here is a collection of some hilarious cat tweets that will make you smile. Have a look!


This cat will have to manage with two paws this time. Maybe next time, he will get a bigger box.


Cat hoomans also do crazy things with their cats sometimes. This cat hooman will surely have to pay for she did to the little kitty. This is not at all good.


“I am not stuck hooman. I just like it like this.”


When you can’t find your cat, look in the most unexpected places.


This cat is not going to leave till the time the water drops vanish.

Did you see how cats bring a smile on people’s face even without doing much. Cats effortlessly do this. Do you also have a cat? What does it do to make you smile? Does it do weird stuff like these cats here?


It’s really heart breaking to find out that your cat has another family.


This is what cat hoomans need to teach their cats to avoid all the mess.

Now you need not worry about all the mess that cats create with toilet rolls. This magical solution will save you from all the trouble.


“Don’t listen to the dog. He is lying about it.”


“For your information, I can read also. You better delete this before it angers me.”


When the cat gets trapped in his own plan and you can’t stop laughing at it.

Don’t forget to share these hilarious cat tweets with your friends and family. Everyone can use a good laugh. Stay pawsome and happy!

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