10 Hilarious Cat Pictures From The ‘Cat Virus.Exe’ Instagram Page


Cats are born with the sole motive of making this world a better place. They have taken the charge of putting a smile on everyone’s face. You can ask all the cat hoomans around you and you will know for yourself what cats have been doing all this while. Many people think that cats are selfish, but this is not the case. The felines love to spread happiness around. You just have to know that they will go to any extent to put a smile on their hooman’s face.

Here are some hilarious cat pictures from the ‘Cat Virus.Exe’ Instagram page. Have a look at these cats and you will know how pawsome cats are!


When you are the one to wake your cat up in the morning, rather than him waking you up. “Why would you do this hooman? You must know that only cats have the right to wake up their hoomans and not the other way round.”


When your cat actually poses for the picture, instead of scratching you or leaving some scars. Cats can be really good at times.


Cats are pawsome and they are always there to help their hoomans. All you have to do is ask them for help and be prepared to clean all the mess.


When your cat is interested in dressing up, then this is the kind of gifts that you need to give your cat. There is so much more to cats than people actually know.


You should really keep those doors closed if you don’t want to go after chasing your cats.

Don’t let the cat out, even when it makes this innocent face. Cats are pawsome till the time they stay inside. Once they are leave to venture into the wild, it will be very hard to find them.


Cats are purrfect and you can clearly see why. Have a look at this picture and you will know how purrfect cats are.


Cats support each other. This is what cats do in order to get a better view.


Cats know how to control the light. They have been playing with light since ages.


Cats know how to maintain themselves well. You too can get a few tips from your cat.


Cats and their different phases can’t be explored by everyone. You have to spend a lot of time with cats in order to find out who they truly are.

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