10 Giant CatsThat Don’t Know How BIG They Are


Cats come in different shapes and sizes. Some are big, some are small and some are super giant. It doesn’t matter how a cat looks, every cat deserves love, care and a loving family. Once you adopt a cat, you will understand how pawsome these furry creatures are. You won’t be able to live without cats once you start living with them. That’s how magical these beings are.

Here are some giant cats that don’t know how big they are. Have a look at these cats and you too will know!


When there is a giant cat in your home, get a separate couch for yourself. One for the cat and one for yourself!


Cats are never too huge when it comes to climbing into their hooman’s arms. A cat’s wishes shall always be fulfilled, no matter what.


All cats deserve love, small or giant. You will understand this once you start living with cats.


When your cat always manages to sleep next to you, no matter how giant he is.


Cats always know how to make their hoomans make some space for them. If your cat wants to sit where you are sitting, he will make that happen and you won’t even realize it.

Cat hoomans who have giant cats are even more lucky. The hearts of these furry beings are full of love. The bigger they are, the more love they have got to give. Consider yourself super lucky if you are living with a giant cat!


When your cat is giant, always hungry and won’t stop asking for food, know that you are doomed. But it will always be worth it.


Every cat needs a special place in the house that only belongs to the cat. Cats rule the world and they should be treated like kings.


A cat never grows up for his hooman. Look how this cat hooman has lifted the cat in her arms!


This cat doesn’t like to burden his hooman much. You can tell it by the sad look on the cat’s face.


When your cat is giant and he knows it. “No hooman, don’t even think of picking me in your arms!”

Don’t forget to share this pawsome cat post with your family and friends! Everyone should know that how pawsome these giant cats are. What do you think about these cats? Share with us in the comments!

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