10 Genius Ideas To Keep Your Christmas Trees And Decorations Safe From Cats This Christmas


Keeping your Christmas tree away from your furry pets could be little tricky. But this Christmas we will help you out with it. For those of you who haven’t put up a Christmas tree yet, you can totally use these genius ideas.

Here are the genius ideas that you need to know to keep your Christmas tree and decorations safe from your pets. Have a look!


The Christmas tree is gone. The cat is now planning to destroy what’s left of it.


Just make your cat look all cute and he will let you keep the Christmas tree for a few hours at least or maybe a day.


“My hooman put the Christmas tree inside a prison and I don’t know how to get it now.”


“It’s sad that my hooman doesn’t know that I can climb up there. But I have to figure out how. Cats do know how to climb. I need to take some lessons now.”


Just put an inverted Christmas tree and let your cat get all confused and angry.

Our cats are really smart and they easily figure out everything. They have proved that manipulating humans is pretty easy. So if you want to protect your Christmas tree, you need to be smart too. You can really use some of these pawsome ideas to put up a Christmas tree and save it from your cat too.


When you have a cat, keeping a Christmas tree is not an option. You better do with the decorations.


This furry pet doesn’t know that there is a Christmas tree in the home yet. Wait till he find out!


Some pets like to get a picture with the Christmas tree instead of destroying it.


Easiest way to put up a Christmas tree is here. You can store it easily too. Not much needs to be done.


“My hooman doesn’t trust me with the Christmas tree. What should I do to win his trust?”

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