10 Funny Photos of Mean Cats


Cats love their hoomans the most and they can do anything to get their hooman’s attention. Cats don’t care if they have to be mean to achieve their aim. They are ready to be called mean, but they can’t let go of their hooman’s attention. You may not always understand why your cats do certain things. But just know one thing that they only have good intentions for you.

Here are some photos of mean cats that will definitely make you laugh. Have a look!


This is a very bad kitty. You should not do this cat. Apologize to the squirrel now.


“I am no stray cat now. I am your cat. Take me home. I pawmise I won’t bite.”


“You may like it hooman, but I know you are making fun of it. Remove this stupid thing right now.”


Yes, this is totally how you get a cat.


Once a cat hooman, always a cat hooman. There is no moving on. You have to take the cat everywhere you go.

How can you leave your cat behind when it sticks to you like this? It is completely impawsible. Well, we believe nobody wants to leave such pawsome creatures behind. Cats are the best companions that anyone can ever wish for. They add color to their hooman’s life and makes it pawsome.


This cat has got really amusing ways to trouble his hooman. “You didn’t like this prank? I will try another one tomorrow. You will definitely like that one.”


You only understand when you become a parent. This cat has got the purrfect look though.


Even though cats like puzzle, they don’t like it when their hooman makes them the muse. “You are not supposed to play puzzle like this. I will definitely take revenge. You won’t find half of the puzzle pieces next time you play.”


Whenever you want to get a new tattoo, just anger your cat.


This is a really sweet cat. Do you all agree?

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