10 Funny And Astonishing Tweets About Cats


Cats are really hilarious and there is no doubt about it. But one thing that is more hilarious than cats is cat tweets. Cat hoomans know just what to do to highlight the best moments of their cats and share it with the world. If you are ever feeling bad, then have a look at some cat memes and you will feel pawsome again. Cats are a bundle of joy and love. They spread happiness wherever they go.

Here are some funny and astonishing cat tweets that will leave you laughing hard. Have a look at these cat pictures without wasting any more time!


It’s just impossible to understand cats. Only the felines know why they do what they do.


When your cat starts giving you this look, you really need to think of what went wrong.


Even though cats are furry creatures, they feel cold too. Please put some clothes on them.


Is this to impress the cat or the girlfriend? Well, this is really hard to judge.


There is definitely a special guest coming today. This child and his little feline friend are very friendly.

See we told you that you won’t be able to control that laughter. It is really hard to stop laughing once you look at cat memes.


Most of the times cats don’t care for your company. They just want their food on time.


Cats are doing something magical behind your back. You are lucky if you haven’t caught them doing any such thing yet. Because you won’t find your cat adorable once you see them this way.


Cats are not just liquids. They are a lot more than that. You have just witnessed them in two forms for now. Maybe you will see them levitating soon.


“Look doggo, if you want to control the hooman, then you have to listen to me. I will teach you all about it.”


Only if you had the time and the body to take a nap like this cat.

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