10 Fluffy Faces That Don’t Care About Manners


Cats don’t care if their hoomans want them around or not. They are always in the same room as their hoomans. Those of you who have cats know what we are talking about. Privacy is not a thing with cats around. They will appear from anywhere and distract you from whatever you are busy doing. Cats never think what others will think about them or judge them. They just go ahead and do whatever they want to.

Here are some fluffly cats who don’t care about manners. Have a look at these pictures and we bet you will burst out laughing.


When you want to have some me time, but your cat doesn’t like it.


It’s time to sleep and your cats have already found their space. Being a cat hooman is not easy at all. you never get enough sleep. First, your cats don’t let you sleep. Then, they wake you up early in the morning.


If a cat wants to hang out with you or on you, it will. It won’t care if you are busy.


When you order a pizza and your cat gets to know, it will sit on the box till it gets cold.


Cats love to tease you because it can take a nap wherever and whenever it wants, but you can’t.


You are not allowed to text people when you have a cat. “I am right here in front of your eyes. Who are you talking to? Put the phone down, right now!”


Carrying your cat is totally fun. You will get used it and wouldn’t even realize when that happened.


This cat and his hooman like to be gentlemen some times, but that doesn’t mean that they will invite you for dinner. Cats and their hoomans like to be left alone.


Does your cat appear out of nowhere and gives you this strange judgmental look too? Well, it’s totally a cat thing.


When your cat also wants to play scrabble with you, you can’t say no.

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