10 Fluffy Cats That Don’t Care About Manners


Cats do everything as per their own wish. They like to make their own rules and their hoomans should also follow the rules set by the cats. The felines hate water, closed doors and there is no concept of privacy in their dictionary. These are just some of the basic things. The rules set by the cats are not easy to follow. You have to adapt and change as per your cat’s desires. Adopt a cat only if you are ready for all this.

Here are some fluffy cats that don’t care about manners. Have a look at these cats and you will understand why!


This is what it looks like when you have two cats. There is no concept of privacy when there are cats around.


Your cat has the first righty to your pizza. It can do as it likes.


When your cat takes a nap right in front of you, but you have lots of work to do.

Sometimes, cat hoomans are really jealous of their cats. The fluffy cats can sleep whenever and wherever they like. All they do entire day is eat and sleep. There are no other responsibilities for the cats.


“Listen hooman, I need your attention now. Leave everything that you are doing.”


Some cats really like your company, so you have to carry them on your shoulder all the time.


“No closed doors in the house. I feel suffocated and can’t follow you around if you close the doors.”


“Are you trying to play scrabble without me? You know that is no allowed, right?”


Your cat will always sit at a place from where it can watch you. “I see that you are not making extra food for me. I want to eat what you are eating.”


When your cat likes to sit on the chair where you are sitting and refuses to move.


“What is this black metallic thing sticking out of your laptop? Wait, let me remove this.”

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