10 Floofsters That Mastered Their Ability to Ask for Attention


Cats love everyone’s attention. They know that they belong in the spotlight. Cats have always been everyone’s favorite and they make sure that they get what they deserve. The felines ignore their hoomans most of the time. But when the cat hoomans are busy working, their cats want all their attention.

Here are some fluffy cats that mastered their ability to ask for attention. Have a look at these cats and you will know that they can go to any attention to get their hooman’s attention!


Your cat wants your attention the most when you are busy working. “Hooman, listen. I was saying that this is the right time to play hide and seek. What do you think?”


“I can’t understand a single word that you are saying. Can you be a little louder?”


“You are not doing it right. Let me show you how it’s done.”


Sitting in the middle of your bed is the best thing that your cat can do to get your attention. “You have no other option, hooman!”


Cats should always have their hooman’s attention. This is the primary rule for adopting a cat.

Cats hate it when their hoomans doesn’t give them any attention. Cats love their hoomans the most and they expect the same from their hoomans.


This little kitten surely knows how to stay in front of his hooman’s eyes at all times.


This cat is smart enough to know where his hooman won’t be able to avoid him.


Creating a mess in the house always works for the cat. “The hooman can’t ignore me now. He has to listen to what I have to say.”


“Now there will be plenty of sunlight in the house. I will also get my hooman’s full and interrupted attention.”


“I see you have been quite busy, hooman. We need to talk about it.”

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