10 Every Day Situations With Cats That Every Cat Owner Is Familiar With


Living with a cat is way different than living with any other animal. The felines like to be the head of the house and everything should be as per the rules that they make. The moment you break their rules, you will definitely be punished for it. It’s better that you know what it feels like to live with a cat before you adopt one.

Here are some everyday situations with cats that every cat owner is familiar with. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know how it feels like to live with a cat!


Finding cat hair everywhere is a usual thing when there is a cat in the house.


Where is there is warmth, there is your cat. You have to be really careful when you live with a cat.


“Hooman, I think you need glasses. This thing is not big enough for me. What’s wrong with you!”


Your cat will fit in anywhere to stay close to you.


A cat needs to have a special seat. Otherwise, it will occupy yours and you will have nowhere to go.


Your cat has the right to wake you up, but the same doesn’t go for you. “Did you forget the rules, hooman? Maybe you should read them again.”


That ‘we need to talk’ look. “Hooman, I think you should leave the house sometimes. I am tired of staring at you entire day. It’s getting boring now.”


When you try to take the pillow from your cat and he stops you. “I am in my rightful position to stop you from taking this pillow. Even though it belongs to you, I have decided to sleep on it.”


Something is definitely wrong when you see your cats screaming at you.


This is how your mornings will be like when you live with cats. The felines make sure that you never get lonely, even when you want to be.

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