10 Comical Cats Who Simply Don’t Understand The Definition Of Personal Space


Once you adopt a cat, forget all about personal space. Cats don’t understand the concept of personal space. In fact, they don’t even know that there is such a thing called space. Cats need to stay as close to their hoomans as they can. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is or where they are. If a cat wants to sit on their hooman’s face, they will.

Here are some hilarious cats who simply don’t understand the definition of personal space. Have a look at these pictures and you will know what it is like!


Your cat will sit on your head even while you drive. They don’t understand the need for seats in a car.


“Hi hooman, it’s time for me to sit on your face. What are we reading today?”


“Hooman, there is something in your eye. Let me come closer and look at it.”


Twenty minutes after you feed your cat. “Why are you still busy with your phone? Did you forget that it’s time to feed me?”


“Do you need my help? Should I type for you?”

Work is not as important as your cat is. So it would be good for you if you started paying more attention on your cat. Your work will only bring you money, but your cat will bring you lots of love and joy. if you are smart enough, then you will know what to choose.


“Why are you wasting your time staring at black and white screen when you can spend it looking at me?”


“I need to sit here to constantly remind my hooman that he has a cat to feed. He has a bad memory and he forgets at times.”


When you are busy with work, but your cat is in a mood to play.


When you have two cats and they both are busy competing with you for a closer spot near your face. By the look of it, it is getting really tough.


“This is the warmest place that I could find in the entire house. Can I sleep here?”

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