10 Cats With True Cattitude


Cattitude is a complete feeling in itself. If you know cats, you can understand this very well. But if not, then we are about to introduce you to the world of cats and their cattitude.

Here are some pawsome cats with true cattitude. Have a look at these pictures and you will understand what we are talking about.


This cat chooses the ingredients for his drink himself. When a cat asks for a drink, you never say no.


And the culprit likes to hide and watch. Well done, little kitty!


“Ew, stay away hooman! I didn’t ask for your kisses.”


Cats do this on purpose all the time. You will get used to it gradually.


“This house is taken doggo. Move on! I am not going anywhere now.”

Cats used to be scared of dogs, but now the trend is changing. There is no turning around from it now. Cats have learnt how to raise their voice over time. It seems that they have been quite successful at it. Now dogs are scared of cats. Nobody thought that this could happen, but cats always do the unexpected. The felines don’t like to do stuff that is boring. They only care about making life fun and adventurous. They are doing really well at it now.


You have no other option when the cat takes your bed and refuses to move.


“Eat kitty, eat. If you want to grow stronger, you have to do this.”


When there is only one bottle left in the house and your cat has already taken it, you sit quietly and watch.

Cats may not always like the human ways. But sometimes they do and then, they compete with the humans. This cat can defeat anyone. You can see it in his eyes how confident he is. You have to think twice or maybe a million times before challenging a cat.


When you catch your cats in this situation, you close the door and leave.


And the toilet paper roll destruction begins!


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