10 Cats Who Won’t Conform To Any Of Society’s Laws Or Rules


Cats are always known to follow their own heart and make their own rules. They never listen to others and don’t care what others think about them.

Here are some pawsome cats who won’t conform to any of society’s laws or rules. Have a look at these pictures and you will know why!


A cat doesn’t care if the paint is wet or not. If it wants to sit, it will.


Don’t try to take a selfie with your cat without its permission, it bites.


Cats don’t like board games at all. So they will make sure that you don’t play them too. “I don’t think that this stupid game will do you any good. Let’s play hide and seek instead.”


A cat is all you need to attract customers in a store. The cat will also ensure that nobody steals anything.


Somehow cats always know what’s on your mind and do exactly what you don’t want them to do.

Tell a cat to do something and it will definitely do it. Cats are adventurous creatures who love to get in trouble all the time. They do not worry about the consequences of their actions because they know that their hoomans are around to save them.


Cats have a thing for shoes. They like to hide one shoe so that their hooman doesn’t get to go out.


When your cat does something wrong and gives the “I haven’t done anything wrong” look, you can’t scold your cat. It is really hard to be angry at your furry feline.


The cat is done playing with this roll and needs another one.


When you organize a pizza party without inviting your cat, your cat will make sure that it is ruined. “Nobody gets a pizza till you feed me. Also, I am not going anywhere till the time this pizza gets cold.”


The cat has conquered the jar, but it seems that now he needs to be rescued from it.

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