10 Cats Who Think They’re the Kings and Queens of the Universe, and We Don’t Even Dare to Protest


Cats rule the world and they have no doubt about it. They think that everything works according to them and apparently, it does. It’s the humans who need to understand this. Cats do what they feel like. If they feel like, then they can have their hooman’s bed all to themselves. Cat hoomans love their cats the most and they treat them no less than the kings and queens of this world.

Here are some pawsome cats who consider themselves the kings and queens of the world and it’s amazing. Have a look at these pictures and you will agree too!


Even plants adjust when a cat wants to sleep. Nobody says no to a cat.


When your dog is protective of the cat and won’t let even you get closer to your cat, they are definitely a team. “You better stay away, hooman. The cat doesn’t want you to come near him.”


Cat is the real boss if the house and he can sleep wherever he want.


“Why isn’t a picture of me there on this T-shirt? You need to change this now!”


When your cat has been doing way more work than you, they deserve to get some sleep.

After looking at these pictures, you can clearly see that why cats are the rulers of the world. They always follow their heart and never care for anyone else’s opinion. This is why cats are the best pets to have around.


When your dog takes your cat’s place and he can’t understand how you let that happen. “This certainly doesn’t look right to me, hooman. Can you please tell him to move?”


If a cat asks for your bed, you just agree.


A cat is an important member of the family and he gets to sit with you.


“Hi hooman, are you working? Can we play together?”


This is every cat’s favorite place. Sitting by a window and taking a nap in between is all that the felines want.

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