10 Cats Who Tell You a Whole Story Without Saying a Word


Cats learnt to meow to communicate with their hoomans. They know that their hoomans find it really cute. Cats can use this magic power to get anything done by their hoomans. But cats also say a lot without even saying a word. These furry creatures are very expressive and have something to say all the time. Cats just have to give a specific expression and their hoomans get to know what’s going on.

Here are some pawsome cats who can tell a whole story without saying a word. Have a look and learn how cats talk. There’s a long way to go because cats have a lot to say.


There is no way to scold a cat. They act cute and always have their way.


This cat is checking what took his hooman so long in the parlour. “You don’t look any different. What took you so long?”


This cat has done something mischievous. That smile says it all.


“Hey hooman, you forgot to pack my stuff. I hope you didn’t forget to book my tickets. Don’t worry, I have a solution for that too. I can fit in here.”


When you have two adorable cats in the house, it is difficult to make plans with your friends. Who want to leave such adorable furry pets alone!


This cat couldn’t decide on one color, so this color pop happened. He loves it by the way.


“This is my cat’s favorite spot. Look how he is staring at me!”


When you ask your cat to pose and all he knows is this. You look purrfect, little kitty!


This cat learnt to sit like this from his hooman. Now he doesn’t know how to delete it from his system. Sometimes cats are at disadvantage of learning quickly.


When you force your cat to go out for a walk and he gets tired after walking two steps. “I want to take a nap. Either take me home or pick me up!”

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