10 Cats Who Got a Double Dose of Charm From Nature


Cats are one of the most adorable creatures to walk this planet and we all know it. But some cats have got an extra dose of charm gifted by nature. Cat lovers all over the world know that even though cats are troublemakers, everything is worth it. They may be sneaky and seem cunning, but none of it is true. Cats are pure love and joy. They have the best intentions for everyone around them. All cats think about the entire day are little ways to bring a smile on their hooman’s face.

Have a look at these charming cats and you will know why they are so pawsome!


This cat has a special condition called heterochromia. As a result, light reflects differently in each eye making him look like an alien.


The award for the longest tail goes to this cat. Vet says that this is not normal. What is the mystery behind this little kitty?


This cat has a little picture of itself on its paw. This is so adorable. It seems that the cat is not so happy to find it.


Have you ever noticed your cat’s lips? After looking at this one, you definitely will!


The huge paws make it really easy for the cat to jump from long distances.

These charming adorable creatures deserve nothing but love. They may be troublemakers, but it is very easy for them to get out of trouble. Cat hoomans are always there to save their furry friends.


Are you wondering why this cat looks so different? It’s just his splotchy eyes.


When your cat has a purrfect jawline and you don’t. “I am sorry hooman. Maybe you should go to the gym some time.”


Is there a white cat on this black cat’s fur trying to hug it? Look closely and observe!


There is a bow tie on this cat’s mouth.


It may be black in color, but it has got seven beans. The kitty has certainly got some luck.

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