10 Cats Who Forget They’re Supposed To Be Cute


Cats are mysterious pets and they like to do their thing all the time. You can never tell a cat what it needs to do and what not. Because even if you do, the felines won’t listen to you. They do weird and crazy things all the time, but they stay adorable most of the times. But sometimes, they get too involved in achieving their missions that they forget they are supposed to be cute.

Here are some cats who forget they are supposed to be cute. Have a look at these cats and you will understand it all!


This cat loves to be in the angry mode forever. His hooman also doesn’t know how to make him smile.


When you do something stupid and your cat knows how to bring you back on track. Just one wicked stare and they know that their work is done.


This cat secretly stares at the baby when he sleeps. He just want to make sure that the baby is fine.


This is one reason cats don’t like to cuddle with their hoomans. The felines like their space and don’t want people crushing them because they can’t breathe.


Your cats judge you a lot and if you are observant enough, you will notice it all through their expressions.

Cats are better than humans when it comes to reacting at something. Their expressions are always apt and adorable. Sometimes, humans feel that there is something wrong with their cats. But this is how they are.


When your cat can’t stay away from you and want you to be there with you all the time, this is what it may look like.


Being a good boy sometimes is also on the list for cats. But this rarely happens. You may go an entire lifetime without coming across this.


This cat had too much catnip and forgot that he was supposed to be cute.


Cats don’t like to go out and stupid pictures with their hoomans. They love to stay inside and get as much sleep as they can have.


When your cat gets surprised of your actions, you really need to start thinking what you have been doing.

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