10 Cats Who Don’t Understand How BIG They Are


Cats always embrace themselves the way they are. The felines don’t care if they are huge or tiny, too fluffy or too skinny. They rule this world because they embrace themselves the way they are. This is why most of the times they don’t even realize how special they are. Well, there is always something that you can learn from a cat. All you have to do is stop criticizing cats and observe them.

Here are some cats who don’t understand how big they are. Have a look at these cats and you will be surprised too!


To handle a cat this huge, you need to be tough too. When a cat sits on his hooman’s lap, it won’t move for hours. Be prepared for this before adopting a cat.


For a huge cat like that, you need a huge couch too. Otherwise, nobody will be able to watch TV.


Even this cat is not sure how he grew up to be so big and fluffy.


When you have a huge cat, you don’t need anyone else to hug. Just hug your worries away with your cat.


It took a lot of convincing before he finally allowed his hooman to pick him up. The big cat knows that it doesn’t easy, so he doesn’t exist.

When the cats really care about their hoomans, these are the little things that they will do for their hoomans. They know that the hoomans have a lot going on in their lives and get upset very easily. This is why they have taken charge of putting a smile on everyone’s face.


When your cat sits on top of you and wants to play the ‘stare at me’ game with you. The only issue in this case could be the size of the cat.


The look of surprise in this cat’s eyes explains a lot.


This is the most special thing for any cat hooman out there. Cats rarely do this and many hoomans have to wait their entire lives for this. “Don’t worry, hooman. I am always there with you.”


When you take your giant cat out in the snow and he is not happy about it, better run away before he bites you.


This cat doesn’t believe in the standards of beauty set by hoomans. All cats love themselves the way they are. There is nothing wrong in being a big cat.

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