10 Cats Who Can’t Let Their Hooman Have Some Space


You can either have a cat or personal space. Don’t even dream of having both of them at the same time. Cats don’t understand the concept of personal space. Think that they have to be near their hoomans at all times. You never know who might try to steal their hooman from them. Cats think that everyone should know that their hooman already has a close companion and there is no space for anyone else.

Here are some hilarious cats who can’t let their hoomans have some space. Have a look and you will know what it feels like to live with a cat. It is not easy, but it is definitely worth it.


“Hi hooman, can I sit here? I know you can’t stay away from me for long.”


When the cat hooman is busy all day, so the cat has to remind her about what she forgot. “I hope you still remember that you have a cat.”


If a cat want to sit on your back, it will. It doesn’t matter if you are busy doing something. Just deal with it!


“It’s story telling time. Let me read today!”


“My new co-worker doesn’t want me to achieve my target. This is what he does to distract me.”


“I know you have been missing me. Should I sit here where you can stare at me purrfectly?”


When you have work and a cat to deal with, this is how you manage. Let the cat do what it wants and keep your complete focus on your work. Watch and learn!


This is what cat hoomans wake up to in the morning. Cats can be really demanding at times. “Give me food quickly. I am super hungry!”


When your cat tries to block out the light for you and ends up choking you instead. Well, to get something, you have to lose something.


“You didn’t ask for my permission before completing this. I won’t let you finish it now.”

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