10 Cats Who Are Masters of Surprise


Cats are capable of a lot of things. But one thing that they are an expert at is surprising everyone. The felines always have some pawsome ideas in their minds when it comes to surprising their hoomans. Most of the times cats are just busy doing what they are supposed to do. However, their hoomans find it really intriguing. Cats always have a different way of doing things which may seem weird to a lot of people. But the cat hoomans know that it’s just a usual thing for the cats.

Here are some pawsome cat pictures that will show you that cats are the masters of surprise. Have a look at these pictures and you will agree with us!


When you find your cat with your daughter’s Barbie and she refuses to surrender it. “I like this one hooman. You can get another one for your daughter.”


“My hooman thought that he could keep me away. Even thought I got caught, it was worth it.”


It isn’t easy to figure out the real one from the fake one. Look clearly!


When your cat finally kicks you out of your bed and does a victory laugh. “My hooman can’t defeat me.”


Nobody ever tells a cat that he can’t fit in a certain place.

Are you surprised yet? If not, then we have more cat pictures to show you what they are capable of. We know it only gets better.


“My cat walking all over the place that he isn’t supposed to. Never tell a cat that he can’t do something.”


Always have a cat in the store. It will keep everyone entertained and maybe jealous also.


When you can’t have enough of cats and lose the count.


“I can understand everything hooman. Don’t think I am dumb.”


When you bring your boyfriend home for the first time and your cat can’t understand why. “Why do we need this dumb creature in our house? Throw him out right now.”

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