10 Cats Who Are Completely Unaware Of How Funny And Ridiculous They Are


Cats are ridiculous and funny. This is their greatest superpower and they are very well aware of it. This is how they have been taking complete advantage of hoomans since ages. If you think that your cat has no idea about it, then you are already fooled by them. Cats know very well how to convince you to do everything for them.

Here are some cat pictures to show you how ridiculous and funny cats are. Have a look at these pictures and you will know what we are talking about!


“I remember everything. I came here for revenge. Hope you are ready.”


When you are trying to get a decent picture of your cat and you capture them yawning instead.


“This seems too high. Can you get me out of here, hooman?”


“You are leaving me alone at home, aren’t you? Just so you know I am going out for a stroll too. If I don’t return by the time you are back, don’t wait for me and go to sleep.”


When you can’t destroy the Christmas tree and have nothing to celebrate on Christmas morning.

We may not agree with everything that cats do, but we are always on their side. There is no other option when you are a cat hooman.


“I saw my hooman taking a picture like this. Maybe I should try it too. Do I look cute?”


When you forget to feed your cat and he looks at you this way. Any cat hooman will do anything to see this look again and again.


What your mornings look like when you live with cats! “There’s no time for anything else. Get up quickly and make breakfast for us now. You are already late!”


You know you love cats no matter what they do. All the trouble is worth it for this cute adorable look, isn’t it?


“Hi hooman, I need food. I am hungry. You should make extra because I will eat after taking a nap also.”

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