10 Cats Who Always Occupy the Best Hang Out Spot in the House


Cats want the best of everything. They are quite selective, especially when it comes to their favorite hangout spot. Cat hoomans know that their cat has a particular spot in the house that he likes to sleep on.

Here are some cats who always occupy the best hang out spot in the house. Have a look at these cats who are enjoying the best hang out spot in the house!


Do you want to know how possessive are cats for their hoomans?

“This is my hooman. Go find your own. This one is taken and won’t be available anytime soon.”


Bring a humidifier home and your cat will never go missing again.


When you doesn’t give your cat food on time, he will make sure that you don’t get to eat at all.


When your cat wants to make sure that you don’t move. “I am sitting right here where I can watch you.”


Sleeping on top of the pizza box is the best revenge ever. Cats certainly know how to make their hoomans realize their mistakes.

Waking up a cat is a big ‘no-no’. So when your cat is about to sleep on your pizza box, then you won’t be able to eat till the time your cat wakes up.


A cat can fit inside any bowl if he likes. It doesn’t matter if he can’t get out of it


“I will sit right where my hooman can’t see me, but I can see him.”


“A hooman’s shoulder is the best place to sleep on. I also get to be a part of all the pictures that he clicks. Everyone should know that he has a cat.”


Take your cat to the vet and you will see the best of his hiding skills.

Cats hate the vet more than anything else in the world. They will hide away in the vet’s clinic and you will have to spend half of your time looking for them.


Sit where you have an easy access to food. The cat knows it and he doesn’t mind.

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