10 Cats That We Want to Hug and Never Let Go


Cats are the most pawsome pets that you can ever have. They are full of love and life and always like to see their hoomans happy. What more? They are the most adorable and beautiful pets out there. It is impossible to stay away from your cat for a long time. Their charming and lovable personality won’t let you stay away for long. You would really want to hug them and never let go of them.

Here are some pawsome cats that you would want to hug and never let go. Have a look at these cats and you will know why!


People who think that a baby’s smile is the best thing in the world haven’t seen a cat smile.


It’s impossible to stay away from your cat when it gives you such adorable look.


When your cat can’t stay away from you and hugs you like you are about to leave.


This little one is tired of thinking too much. “I need to take a break from all the planning I have been doing lately. It has started affecting my health.”


When your cat needs a secret place to rest and spend some time away from you.

Cats have different moods and you will get to see a lot of them once they start trusting you.


When your cat is too cold and needs a jacket.


“I swear it wasn’t me this time.”


Some cats like to hug their hoomans when they sleep. “I want to make sure that you are right next to me at all times.”


These two cats just can’t stay away from each other. Look how adorable they look when they sleep like this.


When there is warmth and a comfortable place to sleep, this is what your cat will do. “Nobody should even dare to disturb me!”

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