10 Cats That Somehow Ended Up In The Most Inappropriate Places


Cats don’t care if they land up in an appropriate place or not. Unlike humans, they don’t have any pressure from the society. Cats can always follow their hearts and do as they like. This might sometimes lead them in inappropriate places. But cats have nothing to worry because their hoomans are always there to save them. Cat hoomans get the opportunity to laugh at their cats and make fun of them when this happens.

Here are some hilarious cats that somehow ended up in the most inappropriate places. Have a look and try to figure out how it happened!


When it’s told out there and you insist on taking your cat for a walk, this is how it will end.


The cat and the dog were the worst enemy on day one and this is how they ended up a week later. Things change very quickly nowadays.


This is why you need extra room in your kitchen. The cat is totally enjoying it.


It’s impossible for a cat hooman to watch TV because the cat wants all its attention.


If a cat wants to fit in, it can also fit into a small envelope. But when it doesn’t, even a huge bed is not enough.


Laundry is the best place to sleep for cats. They don’t care if your clothes are getting crushed. All they care for is comfort and warmth.


When your cat refuses to move, so you decide to assign him a task. See how diligent this cat is. There is no one better who can do this job purrfectly.


A cat is way smarter than you think. It comes with a good sense of humor too. Cats are a complete package of wit and intelligence. You can’t ask for a better pet.


Nothing is impossible for a cat. If a cat wants it, he will have it one way or the other.


You will always find your cat in the least expected places. Have you ever found your cat like this?

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