10 Cats That Ran Into Trouble and Begged Us for Mercy


Cats are very smart and always a step ahead of everything that they do. But sometimes these sneaky cats also get into trouble. This is why they need hoomans who can save them in times like these. Cat hoomans also take complete advantage of such situations. First they click some pictures of their cats, make some memes and then, rescue their cats.

Here are some pawsome cats that ran into trouble and begged us for mercy. Have a look!


Cats keep hoomans because they know that every once in a while they will need their hoomans to rescue them.


Cats hate it when their hoomans clip their nails. This cat had her nails chipped for the first time and she was really scared. Her eyes say it all.


When you have a cat and dog in the same home, it’s preferable to keep them separately.


Sometimes cats need help to steal their hooman’s chair. Do you know who do they ask for help?


This cat had no clue that there was enough space for him to get stuck.

Cats may know how to do everything, but they may not judge certain things accurately at times. These are the times when the need their hoomans the most. Cats are funny creatures and act strange all the time. Making fun of themselves is not a big thing for cats. They never think about what others will think.


When your cat is stuck outside the home and is being chased around, you open that window and save him.


Don’t give a bath to your cat till the time it asks for it. You will save your cat from a lot of trouble.


When the dog is scolding your cat and strangely, the cat has nothing at all to say to him.


“Hi hooman, I am here. Can you please help me out?”


“Sliding down the stairs is not a good idea. I won’t do it ever again.”

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