10 Cats That Just Don’t Understand The Concept Of Christmas


Felines are pawsome and want to see their hoomans happy most of the time. However, there are some times when they prefer their own happiness over their hooman’s. It would be really wrong if we would judge the cats for this. Cats have the right to do as they like. If they don’t like Christmas trees, then their hoomans should not put them up.

Here are some cats who don’t understand the concept of Christmas and it is completely hilarious. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will get to know how difficult it is for cat hoomans to celebrate Christmas when all their cat can think of destroying the Christmas tree!


A cat can sit wherever it likes to sit. You just can’t ask a cat to follow the rules, even when it’s Christmas.


Don’t dress up your cat before taking it’s permission, he may not like it. Cats prefer taking a nap instead of getting involved in some Christmas celebration.


You can keep it simple, if your cat is not a big fan of Christmas trees. A cat hooman has to make a lot of compromises.


When the cat hooman forces the cat to get involved in Christmas festivities and also put some Christmas decorations on the cat.


This is the look a cat gives before it is heading to destroy the big Christmas tree in the house. Cats like to see their hoomans happy, but their hooman’s happiness is not above their own.


When you want your cat not to destroy the Christmas tree, this is what you do. Just wrap the cat in a wrapping paper and keep him away from the Christmas tree.


Forcing your cat to take a picture on Christmas can’t be good. You just have to be very careful or else this is how it will end like.


Don’t waste your money on buying expensive gifts for the cat on Christmas. All you need to do is get an empty cardboard box and your cat will be the happiest.


Cats are really cool most of the times. But when you put a Christmas tree in front of them, cats change for worse.


Look how happy the cat looks once he has achieved it all! “Now that the Christmas tree is destroyed, it’s better I get some sleep.”

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