10 Cats That Don’t Really Know How To Cat


Cats may be good at everything, but sometimes they forget how to cat. Yes, it sounds really confusing. But those of you reading this who already have a cat are well aware of what we are talking about. For instance, the way a cat sits can be amusing enough at times.

Here are some cats that don’t really know how to cat. Have a look at these pictures and you will also know everything!


“Should I sit like this or this? Which is better? How do other cats do it?”


“I was washing the dishes when this happened. My cat learnt how to do a handstand and he keeps doing this all the time.”


This cat likes to is like his hooman. He doesn’t know how to undo it now.


“My cat likes to sit on the wall nowadays. I think he learnt it from the spider-man.”


Getting the best selfie clicked is this cat’s super talent.

By now, you must have an idea why some cats can’t cat. These cats have other talents, but they can’t cat. Or maybe it’s just a human idea of how a cat should be which seems boring to them. Whatever it is, cats never cared about it and they never will.


This cat is so tired that he refuses to move. He must have seen his hooman do this sometime.


This cat is angry at the food for looking better than her. “Why did god make me so ugly! Nobody loves me.”


“My cat wanted to go for a walk with me, but he didn’t want to walk. I came up with this idea and my cat seems to be okay with it.”


It’s good to have mirrors everywhere when you have a black cat in the house. Otherwise, it gets really difficult to spot your cat.


This cat agreed to get a picture with the Christmas tree just for his hooman. He will definitely destroy the tree afterwards.

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