10 Cats That Don’t Know How To Cat


Cats are the best and they know that there is nothing in the world that they can’t get. But there are times when they forget to cat and surprise their hoomans even more. In fact, hoomans of these cats feel as if there is some human who is trapped inside their cat’s body. You will also feel the same after meeting these cats.

Here are some cats that don’t know to cat. Have a look at these cats and you will know that cats can be really weird at times!


When your cat forgets to sit like a cat and ends up like this, you should check the catnip stash that you have been hiding away.


A cat can rest its head on his hooman’s head as and when he likes. Cat hoomans accepted to all the terms and conditions that comes along cats. It’s either the cat’s way or no way at all.


When you are trying to leave the house without your breakfast and your cat sits at the door staring at you. Cats do know how to make their hoomans do what they are supposed to do.


Cats may be scared of water, but they like to sleep in the empty bathtub whenever they get to do so.


Cats are super talented and melting is one of their many talents. There are many things about cats that are yet to be known.

Cats can melt when they do not get proper sleep. You just need to make sure that your cats rest well or this is how you will see them.


When your cat needs some alone time, but you force him to click pictures of you. If a cat doesn’t want to do something, it won’t. So just let cats do what they like.


When you are trying to work, but your cat makes sure that you get entertainment also.


Cats always want to be with their hoomans. It doesn’t matter to them what place it is.


Cats like to keep reasonable distance from water, but close enough to keep a watch on their hoomans.

Cats are super scared when their hoomans take a shower. In fact, cats don’t leave their hooman’s side at this time so that they can jump right in to save their hoomans from drowning.


When all you want to do is go to bed, but your cats want all your attention.

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