10 Cats That Are Just Tired of Being Good Boys and Girls


Cats ignore their hoomans most of the time. But when they want their hooman’s attention, nothing can stop them. They will go to any extent to have what they want and their hoomans may not like it.

Here are some cats that are just tired of bring good boys and girls. Have a look at these cats and you will know how troublesome they can be!


“I am not allowed to have plants or flowers in the house because my cat doesn’t like them.”


“We are ready for the picture. You can click now.”


When a cat decides to take your bed, it will not change its mind at any cost.


“Were you planning to take your girl out on a date? You should wear this suit. It will look good on you.” Your cat definitely hates your girl and doesn’t want you to go out with her.


“I see you have got a new plant. I want to give it a makeover if that’s okay with you. Oh I just remembered that I don’t need your permission to do anything.”

Cats and plants never go together. You have to choose between the two. You can never have both of them in your house at the same time.


A fight between cat siblings is not much different from the humans. You will feel as if your little children are fighting for their favorite toy.


Your cat is allowed to ruin anything that it wants. You shouldn’t stop them or scold them for anything.


“My cat watching me silently and planning to attack me for not making his favorite food.”


When you finally manage to get a picture of your cat that defines him purrfectly.


Does your cat do this to? Well, it seems like it is a usual thing to do for every cat. Not accepting gifts and insulting their hoomans is what every cat loves to do.


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