10 Funny Examples Of ‘Cat Logic’


Cats can be super weird if they want to and act all cute when they are in the mood. The felines like to keep the things their way. They feel good when their hoomans also follow the cat logic. It is way different from human logic, but we can’t expect cat logic to be the same as human logic.

Here are some funny examples of cat logic. Have a look at these cat pictures and will get a clue what cat logic is like!


If a cat decides to fit in a box, it will find a way somehow. It certainly hurts a cat’s ego when it is unable to fit inside a box.


A cat’s food should be served the way it wants.


There is a box and a bed. What would the cat choose? It’s too obvious, isn’t it?


A cat thinks that shoes are the only treasure that his hooman has. He protects it with all his will.

Cats also have a thing for shoes, just like humans. They like shoes as much as you do. So next time you see your cat sitting on your shoes, don’t make him get up.


This floor is way better than the stupid bed that my hooman got for me. “Take me along when you go shopping next time.”


A cat knows what will be a better background for a picture.


“Should I push it to the ground or not? Maybe one last time.”


A cat can sleep where it likes. This is the favorite place where the cat likes to sleep as soon as his hooman gets home.


“If I like to sit here, I will. Also, I am hungry. Go get some food for me.”


When the cat is angry at you, he will hide away and plan your revenge.

Go ahead and share this hilarious cat story with your friends! Does it happen with you as well? Let us know in the comments!

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