10 Cats Ditched Their Wish To Be Good Boys And Girls


Cats are good pets who really care for their hoomans. But there are some times when they are not in the mood to wear the superhero cape. So instead, the felines just go around being super mean and do what they feel like. We believe this is not just a cat thing. But everyone feels like doing this every once in a while.

Here are some cats that stopped trying being good. This is what happens when cats choose to be evil. Have a look at this before you adopt a cat!


“I was just checking if the coffee was too hot for hooman to drink. Well, it is not. so you can drink it now”


When your cat takes away the keys along with him so you get to know how it feels to get locked out of the home. Cats have very innovative ways of teaching people some lessons that they need to learn.


Ruining the furniture and then acting as if he was stuck when caught. Every cat uses this trick at least once in their lives.


“I don’t want to talk to you today. So just stay away. Your apology will not be accepted today.”


“My cat doesn’t leave me alone and he needs a nap now and then. So this is how I work half of the times.”


“I wanted to play with this roll in the sunlight, so I just brought it here. I hope you won’t mind.”


This cat is planning his next move to get rid of the dog.


When you tell your cat not to sit on the laundry, so he just sits beside it and rests his paw on top. This is totally adorable.


When you choose to confront your cat for all the mess he created, but he gives you that look. Things change once you start living with a cat.


“Last saw my cat solving the puzzle. Now most of the pieces are missing. Maybe he has taken them to hide in his secret treasure behind the couch.”

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