10+ Cats Being Total Jerks And They’re Not Ashamed Of It


Cats are adorable creatures and you can’t choose to love them. Felines know how to make anyone and everyone love them. But sometimes these pawsome furballs can be total jerks. Everybody has good and bad days, so we should give our cats the benefit of doubt too.

Here are some cats that are being total jerks and are not ashamed of it. Have a look!


Everything should be convenient as per the cat. Anything less than that is not acceptable.


When your cat doesn’t approve of your choices and choose to shame you for it.

My cat has started digging my old nursing bras out of storage and presenting them as gifts to our house guests. Is there anything else you could possibly do to embarrass me more, Doug?!?


Cats are either busy creating a mess or being mad at you for not allowing them to do so.


Cats only have two goals in life: destroying plants and getting enough sunlight.


“Hooman I like this bag. Please don’t throw it away. You should just keep it on my bed. I will sleep inside this from now on.”


“I really like this box. It is huge and super comfortable. You can use this bed for your own purposes.”


“Hey hooman, here’s some stuff that I kept away safely. Do you need something from this or should I put all of it for sale?”


“My cats have their own beds, but this is how they sleep.”


“My cat didn’t like my house slipper, so this is what he did to get rid of them.”


When your cat shows you that you have been using the laptop in the wrong way all this while.


That look when your cat knows that he is caught and can’t do anything about it now.


When your cat tries to help your kid with his school project and ends up this way. “I am messy, but I am proud of myself.”

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