10 Cat Tweets That Prove The World Isn’t What You Think It Is


Your cats have a quite different take at life. You may think that they are just busy dreaming about food or making catching a mouse, but this is not it. If you ever truly get to know a cat, you will know how pawsome they are. You can’t even imagine what they think. Their mind’s mechanism works a lot different from yours. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with it.

Here are some hilarious cat tweets that will show you that your cat’s world is way different from yours. They make live with you, but they are living a completely different life.


A cat can do anything. Judging them is very rude and just a waste of your time.


What if you gave the wrong name to your cat? Why don’t you try something else?


Even cats are more romantic than humans these days. They are getting better than humans in every aspect of life.


Sometimes our pets give us shocking surprises.


Cats bring out the best in people. We need to have more cats around.

Just when you think that your cat can’t give you anymore surprises, they come up with something new. It’s just their way of showing you that they are the kings and you are below them. There’s still a lot for you to learn. Better start with learning how to bow down before a cat.


When you finally learn to do that one thing that your hooman have been doing for ages and can’t get over how stupid you looked all this while.


Anyone wants some lessons in fashion? The cat is ready to teach. You can see that she has come prepared.


You can laugh at the silly things that cats do, but this is really low. You shouldn’t get to this.


Who can be more powerful than cats?


Your cat doesn’t look really happy locked in there. You should take him out when you are done making this stupid video.

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