10 Cat-Thieves That Were Caught Red-Pawed


Cats always have a thing for stealing things. And when it comes to food, nothing can stop them. Sometimes, the furry paws get caught by their hoomans while stealing food, but they don’t even show a slice of shame. Cats never care what others think of them, even if that person is their hooman. All they focus on is achieving what they want. We all know that cats love food, but their hoomans don’t often share their food with cats. So they have no option left other than stealing it.

Here are some cat thieves that were caught red-pawed and look super hilarious. We bet you won’t stop laughing!


Now cats need to steal pen also. Apparently, they too have some contracts to sign.


When a cat wants something, it won’t stop till it gets what it wants.


When you try to hide the chocolates away from the cat, but it finds a way to steal them.


Cats always prefer glass to bowl, even though they have difficulty drinking from it. Cat logic is hard to understand.


Cats may have to work hard to achieve their goal, but they won’t stop till they reach there.

When it comes to stealing food, cats don’t even try to be innovative. They aim at the target straightaway. This is because cats are pawsome and they don’t have an image to protect. They embrace who they are and this is their superpower.


“Hooman, I have saved it for you. Are you happy now?”


When you have dreams double your size, but you don’t let that stop you.


Sharing is caring. Cats love to share their food. This is why they expect their hoomans to do the same.


When your cat takes a bite of your food and then asks for your permission, what option are you left with.


This cat didn’t get the big fish today. He may look sad, but he is already planning his big kill.

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