10 Cat Posts That Prove That It’s Impawssible Not To Love Cats


Cats are the most loveable pets on this planet. They have a huge heart and are always looking out for their hoomans. Felines ensure that their hooman’s happiness is intact. Even though cats act all weird and strange at times, they have a huge space in our hearts. Cats love to be pampered and they always have our attention. But the best part about staying with cats is that they are not only adorable, but extremely hilarious as well. They will make you laugh until it hurts.

Here are some cats that will show you why it is impawssible not to love them!


When you try to be smart to your cat, but he knows it all. So he sits there and judges you till you finish with your plan.


“My cat was left outside and he somehow managed to activate the video doorbell. This is what we captured.”


When you have no hidden cameras in your home because your cat does that job for you.


“This is my cat’s everyday morning ritual. Even I am not so regular with my prayers.”


As usual, cats don’t like what they can get easily. Adventure is always on their mind.

Cat logic is impawssible to understand, but you can surely enjoy everything they do. Even if you don’t possess a good sense of humor, you will still laugh at the cat jokes. They ensure that their jokes make everyone laugh. Felines are witty and smart creatures. It is hard to imagine how can anyone not love them!


Cats may be super unpredictable, but some things never change.


When your cat loves your boyfriend more than you and you can’t understand any of their secret jokes.


“You have to think a lot to understand my actions. I know you are a fool.”


This cat has a strange relationship with shrimps.


When your cats get way too excited on the day they get to venture out of the house.

10 Cat Posts That Will Definitely Make You Smile

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