10 Cat Pictures That Prove We’ll Never Truly Understand Them


You may be very smart and clear all your exams. But there is one exam that you will never be able to clear. In fact, no human is capable of clearing this exam. It is called the cat exam. Cats don’t speak our language. They only meow to get their hooman’s attention. Cats are complicated creatures and they are nothing like the other pets. So it is quite impossible to understand them.

Here are some pawsome cat pictures that prove we will never truly understand them. Have a look!


Look at this cat. What do you think is it doing? If you don’t understand, don’t worry. Nobody ever knows why cats do what they do.


This cat was caught by his hooman just when he was about to destroy the chair. “Hi hooman, I was only putting this chair in its right place. I had no intention of leaving it with scratch marks.”


This cat has taken over the box. Now, nobody can touch it without his permission.


When cats get tired, they sit in weird positions and rest. This is usually due to lack of energy and some creativity.


When you have nothing to do all day, you can sit and watch the squirrel play.

Look at the way this cat is sitting, just like a human. Cats can stare out a window for entire day. Cats find the world truly amusing and they admire it a lot.


When you are about to click a picture of your cat sleeping purrfectly and he changes position instantly.


When your cat can see the bigger picture, but you can’t.


Hi hooman, we made a new design on this chair. It’s a small gift from us to you. Hope you like it.”


A cat can sit wherever he likes. His hooman removed his all his belongings just for the kitty.


When you have to do the dishes, but you don’t want to disturb your cat.

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