10+ Cat Moments That Only Cat Owners Will Understand


Living with a cat is not like living with any other pet. Cats are different and they make their own rules. You are supposed to obey all the rules that cats make and adjust to them. The felines won’t like it if you do something that is not as per their wish and definitely punish you for it.

Here are some cat moments that only cat owners will understand. Have a look at these cats and if you are a cat hooman, you will definitely relate to them!


Cat hair will become a part of your life, so why not make a ball with them and play. Cats always give their hoomans a way to have fun.


Keep as many cardboard boxes in your home as you because your cat loves them. The moment your cat will see a cardboard box, this is what it will do.


Your furball always needs your attention. They don’t care if you are busy doing something.


You may find your cat curling up next to your laptop or maybe even on top of it. Cats want warmth and your attention. Sleeping next to the laptop will give them both.


When it’s 4 a.m. in the morning and your cat can’t sleep, this is what he would like to do.


When you close the door and don’t let the cat to get inside, your cat will wait patiently. But this doesn’t mean that he won’t punish you for doing this to him.


Cats have the right to sleep wherever they want to, even on your feet.


Cats are possessive of their hoomans and their belongings too. Why don’t you let the cat take care of your shoes!


You are not supposed to close doors when you are living with a cat. They haven’t figured out how to open doors yet.


Your cat will always support you, even when it can’t do anything about the situation.


You are not supposed to disturb your cat when he is sitting/sleeping by the window.


Cats do weird things at times and you are not supposed to do anything about it.


This cat is trying his best to get through because cats never give up.


When cats can’t find any birds, they go and invade their nests.


Things can get a little messy when you are living with a cat.

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