10 Cat Hoomans Reveal Their Cats’ Weird Shenanigans


Cats are nothing like the other pets. They have their own ways of doing things and it’s their hoomans who have to adjust to them. People say that cats rule the world, but it is a fact. Cat hoomans have to take every decision according to their cat. Felines rule the house that they live in. Unlike dogs, cats go through a thousand moods in the entire day. Sometimes hoomans also start relating to their cats. It is bound to happen because cats are really smart and understand their hoomans really well.

Here are some pawsome cat hoomans who reveal their cats’ weird shenanigans. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will also know!


Cats have weird ways of getting everyone’s attention. These are some of the examples. Look what you have in store for you.


Sometimes cats help their hoomans too. After all finding a cat is not an easy task. This cat hides behind the curtains and meows at their hoomans when they find him.


This cat has a particular toy he needs by his side at all times. Nowadays, cats also have special toys.


Look at this little furry kitty cuddling with his little toy. This is so adorable.


Expect your cat to be at all the weird places it shouldn’t be. Cats have a style of their own. They don’t like anything that is usual.


Cat hoomans need to have an extra stove for the cat. This cat here won’t get up easily from his warm spot.


When your cat stares at the ceiling fan in the middle of the night for no reason at all, you should be scared. Cats always have a reason for everything that they do.


“My cat keeping a watch at me when I go to sleep is the cutest thing ever.”


Has anyone seen the cat? Maybe you should check in the kitchen sink.


Every cat loves to spill water from their water bowl.

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