10 Bizarre Cats That Have Their Own Logic


Cats don’t trust their hoomans easily. And when it comes to applying logic, cats always trust themselves and no one else. Felines find their hoomans pretty silly. They think that hoomans are busy doing stupid things that tires them and doesn’t achieve anything at all. Why do have to work so hard if it makes them this sad? This is why cats only trust their own logic and nothing else.

Here are some bizarre cats that have their own logic. Have a look and get to know how cat logic works!


“You can return the bed. I would like to keep the box only.”


“I had a backache. This seems to help a lot. Thank you hooman for getting this huge bed I have out it to better use.”


“This seems like a nice place to sleep in. Let me check and see!”


This cat is dazzled by the skates. He wouldn’t move from this place and also started screaming when the show ended.


“This thing is swallowing me. Please save me!” Nobody can be more dramatic than cats.

You may find cats silly and weird. But their logic works just fine for them. Cats love to try something new everyday and they can’t trust their hoomans to come up with good ideas either. Cats think that their hoomans are only good for feeding them.


“How long will it take? I am already sleepy. Hoomans and their stupid ideas. I think I should abandon this hooman and find a new one who would let me sleep.”


When your cat acts like a good boy for once, but you know that they are definitely up to something. “I bet my hooman mom will get me treats tomorrow. This works every time.”


When you take your cat to the vet and they try to act strong.


When your cat doesn’t know how stupid it is and acts all cute. Cats do have a charm that can melt anyone’s heart.


This cat was getting bored so he tried this. Looks comfortable enough!

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