10 Best Cat Snapchats Of 2020


Cats love to be in the limelight and honestly, they deserve it. The felines put in a lot of effort to be in the limelight. They are always busy doing something fun to get everyone’s attention. It’s true that cats also get into a lot of trouble. But that’s what cat hoomans are for. Cats adopt hoomans so that they can feed them, take care of them and get them out of trouble whenever required.

Here is a collection of the best cat snapchats of the year. This year may have been a little dull, but cats always bring along lots of happiness. They never give up and entertainment is their top priority. Have a look!


“Who rules? Cats do. No questions should be asked.”


This cat isn’t done yet. There are more judgments to be passed. “Gear up, hooman!”


When you have to do all the work and this is what your cat gets to do. Cats are truly living the best life.


Cats always want to be back the moment they go out. You better keep that door open.


That lucky moment when you click a picture of your cat at the right moment.

Cats have always been the dramatic ones and snapchat has added even more color to their pictures. A funny cat expression with a funny caption is all that you need on a bad day. The felines know how to brighten up everything. So if you ever get bored, just get a cat and your life is sorted.


Clearly, the cat is not interested. “Hooman, let’s play puzzle instead or what about our favorite hide and seek?”


This cat was born with this cuteness. Nobody can take it away from her.


Cats either go all the way or don’t go at all. They want everything or nothing. That’s how extreme cats are.


When you do the unexpected and your cat doesn’t know how to react to it.


Best caption of the year!

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