10 Animals That Got Soaking Wet and We Couldn’t Laugh Any Harder at Them


Cats and dogs may not like each other a lot, but they have one thing in common. Both of them hate water and getting wet. Those of you who have a pet know the reason behind it. Cats and dogs look ugly and feel very uncomfortable every time their hooman gives them a bath. So they try their best to stay away from water whenever possible.

Here are some animals that got soaking wet and you wouldn’t be able to control your laughter after looking at them.


Your cat is not fat. It just has a lot of fur. “Either you take me as I am or leave me be. I won’t let you drench me every day to see if I am fat or not.”


“This is why I hate water. It makes me look super ugly.”


Do you want to see the other side of your cat? Just him a bath and you will meet a completely different cat.


“What did you do to me, hooman? You disfigured me completely.”

Cats not only look ugly when they are soaking wet, but they also get really angry at their hoomans for doing this to them. They fail to understand why their hoomans would do such a horrible thing.


When your cat can’t understand why would you give him a bath. “This is completely uncomfortable and makes me look ugly. Please don’t do this again. I can take care of myself.”


We have one dog here with two moods: a happy one and a sad one. What do you think is the reason of his sadness?


“Our hooman gives us a bath every week which makes us look lean and ugly.”


“Is this some kind of revenge? What did I do wrong?”


When you give your dog a bath without his permission. “You should have at least warned me that this is how it will turn out.”


This is why cats are terrified of water. They have control over everything except this.

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