10 Animals That Are Real-Life Versions Of Famous Animated Movie Characters


A writer is always inspired by something that is real. While watching a movie, do you ever find yourself wondering if all of it has happened for real? Well, what if all these movie characters do exist for real? We don’t know about superheroes, but there are some animals that are real life versions of famous animated movies. We know you already have some movies in your mind. You go ahead and quench your curiosity.

Here’s a compilation of some animals that are real life versions of famous animated movies. We know you will love to see who these animals are. Have a look at them!


No one has the heart to ignore this innocent little bub. These innocent black eyes can melt anyone’s heart within an instant.


It’s impossible to impress some cats. They like to stay sad and grumpy all the time.


This kitty here is definitely planning its next move. Sitting in a bird’s nest, this cat is definitely thinking of hunting down a bird.


Lions never give up or accept defeat. They are the rulers and that’s the only way they have it.


When big cats make friends, they don’t let their friends go through anything alone.

Are you surprised how real all these characters look? See we told you that there is always something in real that is an inspiration behind the movies. You just have to open your eyes and look around. Then you will see everything that you have been missing. It’s quite magical to see these animated animals for real. They are super adorable and loved by all.


Pigs may not be that adorable, but they have the softest hearts.


This laugh will definitely make you laugh too. After all, it’s infectious.


Monkeys and parrots can be friends for real. It is not limited to movies.


What are these two looking for? We are sure they will find it pretty soon whatever it is.


These are the coolest friends ever!

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