10 Adorable Cat Pictures That Will Cure Your Soul


Life has been getting stressful lately and everyone needs a companion who can cheer them up. Who better than an adorable cat to do this job? Yes, cats are pawsome and they take happiness along with them wherever they go. It’s always good to have a cat around.

Here are some adorable cats that will melt your heart and cure your soul.


“Look hooman I rolled myself into the toilet paper roll. How do I look?” Well, more adorable than you have ever looked!


“Can’t you let two friends chill for a while? We were having such a good nap. Why do you have to take us home now?” This is the cutest pair of best friends we saw today.


When you try out a new outfit and you have no clue if you look good in it. This kitty looks totally adorable.


“Hi hooman, I got a present for you. Do you like it?” Those times when your cat gets you dry leaf as presents are the cutest.


“Put me down, hooman. I am not small enough to fit in your arms now. I know you will drop me any moment after the picture is clicked.”


“Are you hiding a cat inside this shiny object, hooman? You betrayed me. I am leaving you and your cat alone.”


When you take your cat out for a walk and it refuses to get down from the tree, just stand there and wait for it to get down.


Your cat waiting for dinner with hopes that you haven’t forgotten. “Hi hooman, do you remember that you have to fill my food bowl?”


“Why did you open the curtains? I am still sleeping.” Your cat is allowed to wake you at 5 am, but you are not supposed to disturb them when they take twenty naps throughout the day. This is the basic rule of adopting a cat.


When your cat tries to act all cute and ends up like this. It’s alright kitty, maybe next time.

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